Who We Are

Moderne Plastic, Inc. is located in Clovis, California, about the exact center of our great state. We have been providing plastic machining and plastic fabrication services for 64 years, since 1946. The plastic fabricators and machinists at Moderne Plastic, Inc. are some of the most talented plastic experts in the industry. Our name may be Moderne Plastic, Inc. but we’ve been manufacturing with stainless steel, brass and other metals for decades.

What We Do

We provide plastic machining and custom plastic fabrication services. Our department creates beautiful custom acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, ABS and other plastic products. We also offer CNC machining (mill), CNC turning (lathe), CNC routing, plastic cutting and plastic routing. We also work with many different types of materials such as wood, a wide variety of metals, PVC, polycarbonates, ABS and acrylics.

Our Customers

We provide plastic/metal fabrication service to all sizes of businesses from major corporations to home based businesses. And we cater to all industries including: education, biotech, electronic, defense, marine, retail, medical, communication, aerospace, government, entertainment, automotive, hi-tech, agriculture, and scientific. Our goal, to make our customers proud of there new custom piece.